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 Masterminds 2022 Series

Easily getting informed - a first step to prepare for upcoming challenges

The healthcare market environment has traditionally been conservative and slow to change. With the pandemic influence, digitalization is speeding up and significantly altering the interaction in healthcare systems. In addition, CBR research shows trends in healthcare that require well-informed decision-making. Therefore, the different players in the healthcare ecosystem and their management need to consistently transform their businesses to address challenges and benefit from new opportunities.

There is a lot new to come – do you know about it and are you ready to lead the change?
The CBR Trend Radar 2025

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Allow yourself to kick-start and lead your organizational growth
Ensure for an educated organization to gain efficiency
Set impulses to trigger change

Relevant business management know-how is an important asset
Our Masterminds Series educates you on major current strategic and operational topics

1. Innovation

  • Automation & AI Readiness – The new must in healthcare

  • Project & Process Assessment – How to revamp your innovation power

2. Organization & Processes

  • Service as a Sales Tool –  Improved usage of your customer face time

  • (Post-) Pandemic Sales & Marketing Alignment – Sales process optimization

3. Customer

  • ESG (CO2, Risk Mgmt.) - Fundamentals for Leaders – Sustainable business

  • Purpose Recognition – A key employee motivation and growth enabler

We ramp-up your knowledge by offering dedicated expert sessions


Automation and

(Nr.: MM22-T1)


Shortages in specialized personnel, increase in complexity, cost pressure and technological innovation fuels digitization in almost all areas, increasing autonomous and expert systems.


Automation and AI technology allows non-healthcare companies to access the medical domain, challenging current players. Customers expect productivity and process improvements.


Readiness Check:

  • Product portfolio survey

  • Balancing customer needs

  • Locate (additional) automation and AI start points

Project and Process Assessment

(Nr.: MM22-T2)

Many companies have spent significant resources to define processes and standards to produce innovation but are often disappointed about the  outcome.

Innovation can’t be ordered. Innovation processes need to allow for flexibility in tools and methodologies and strive to bring together informed people with the relevant challenges.

Improvement Check:

  • Stakeholder data mining

  • Bottle-neck assessment

  • Tools/methodologies review

  • (Re-) alignment evaluation

Organization & Processes


ESG (CO2, Risk Mgmt.) - Fundamentals for

(Nr.: MM22-T3)

The implementation of ESG management systems is an extremely powerful measure to ensure sustainable business success and is partly enforced by law.


Legal initiatives force more corporate ESG and risk management efforts.
The recent pandemic also often disclosed shortfalls in existing risk management processes and systems.


ESG Management Basics:

  • ESG process

  • CO2 footprint

  • Risk life-cycle

  • Systemic assessment

Purpose Recognition

to Foster untapped

(Nr.: MM22-T4)

Integrating creativity, analytics and purpose to optimize your business value chains, enables you to strongly trigger growth outperforming your peers.

In today’s business world, attention is on analysis and creativity. Identifying and clearly communicating the purpose of your doing is a key for employee motivation and positive customer perception.

Purpose Recognition exercise:

  • Value driver assessment

  • Stakeholder belief analysis

  • Underlying purpose deduction

  • Growth planning interface


Service as a Sales Tool

(Nr.: MM22-T5)


Service employees, being close to the customer, have a very solid data base and understanding of installed bases, re-purchasing needs or expansions, combined with an often excellent standing.


Service and sales often do not interact on equal terms with often non-optimized information exchange. With long established customer relations, service can play a key role in customer development and acquisition.


Service Supported Sales potential check:

  • Service data mining

  • Customer access routes

  • Thinking service digital

  • Bridging service and sales

(Post-) Pandemic
Sales & Marketing

(Nr.: MM22-T6)

Customer access infrastructure is a major cost factor. With the increasing need to handle increasing complexity with less personnel, continuous sales process optimization is a must.

The pandemic intensifies personnel shortages on customer side, drives the need for interoperable digitalization and changes the most efficient access routes to the customers.

Marketing & Sales along
Key Drivers re-alignment:

  • Marketing & Sales skill-sets

  • Territorial adjustment needs

  • Sales process optimization



Service Supported Sales potential check:

  • Service data mining

  • Customer access routes

  • Thinking service digital

  • Bridging service and sales

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Marketing & Sales along
Key Drivers re-alignment:

  • Marketing & Sales skill-sets

  • Territorial adoption needs

  • Sales process optimization

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